The Catalinas

The Catalinas

The Catalinas formed in Charlotte, North Carolina in late 1957. This beach music band has not had a fixed line-up during their long career; over 60 musicians have been part of the group through the years. The leader of the current line-up of The Catalinas is Gary Barker, from Statesville, North Carolina, who joined the group in 1965.

The current line-up of The Catalinas is Barker, on lead vocals and guitar; Lynn Barker on piano and vocals; Bruce Burns, on vocals and saxophone; Bobby Nantz on trumpet and vocals; Tony Hayes on saxophone and vocals; Mike Russell on bass and vocals; and Jody Rumple on drums/percussion and vocals. It is obvious they are one of the most talented beach music groups to come out of North Carolina. All the members sing and their music is fused with party-time fun.

Their signature song, “Summertime’s Calling Me” was recorded in 1975. Other popular songs from the group include “You Haven’t The Right,” “Facts of Love,” Dancin’-Romancin’,” and “Hey Little Girl”.

Beach music has a long tradition in North Carolina and The Catalinas have been a fixture on the Atlantic beach coast scene. They play for audiences who love to party and dance and their music goes best with cold beer and a hot sun.

The Catalinas have proven themselves to be one of the best when it comes to beach music, long-time favorites on the Carolina Coast circuit.


Summertime’s Calling Me

Gonna Tell

War Party

Your Tender Lips

Say My Name


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