Inductee Award Wall


Date: March 25, 2011

Revised NCMHOF Induction Criteria.

There are two distinct categories for induction into the NCMHOF:
Performers and Non –Performers. This separation was designed to ensure that high profile performers were not favored over other less visible or recognizable musical influences.

* Definition: Individual musical performers, musical groups and backup musicians/singers.
* Eligibility: Performers are eligible for induction into the NCMHOF ten (10) years after the release of a record or a public musical performance has attained national or wide-spread acclaim.

* Definition: Songwriters, record producers, disc jockeys, record executives, journalists, music educators, and other allied music industry professionals.
* Eligibility: To be determined by members of the NCMHOF Advisory Board. Number of Inductees Selected per Year: There will be no more than five (5) new members inducted into the NCMHOF each year.

Genres of Music:
Each year the selected inductees must represent a variety of genres of music. Non-Performers will be considered as a genre of music.

Each group of inductees is selected by members of the NCMHOF Advisory Board on the basis of significance in music history, regardless of race, gender or genre of music. The inductee must be a native of North Carolina or have spent a significant amount of time in the State during his or her career.