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The mission of the North Carolina Music Hall Of Fame (NCMHOF) is to honor the past and shape the future of music in our great state of North Carolina. We want to preserve the rich history of music in our state by creating an online music archive of information about, and audio recordings by, those involved in North Carolina’s past and present music scene.

In addition, the NCMHOF is committed to continue growing that legacy by developing programs and services aimed at promoting and strengthening North Carolina’s current and future music artists, songwriters, producers, promoters, and industry professionals and ensuring that music continues to play an important role in the lives of all Carolinians.

Achieving our goal requires significant manpower and financial resources. We need your support to accomplish our mission and continue the strong heritage of music in our state.

We invite you to be a part of this effort with your donation of $25 or more to the NCMHOF by filling out the donation form below.

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