There are a numerous ways for businesses to partner with the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame to meet their marketing, philanthropic, community engagement, employee benefit, and hospitality objectives. If you would like to learn about available opportunities, contact Eddie Ray at 704-934-2320 or eray(at)


The Hall of Fame understands the business goals for many companies. While companies wish to support worth causes, they also need to increase their bottom line. The Hall of Fame will craft a sponsorship package specific to your business objectives. Through sponsorship of an exhibition or program at the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, your company will have a unique platform to reach a targeted audience.


How would you like to have your company’s name emblazed on a space in Hall of Fame? There are opportunities to have your gift recognized by naming a space in the Hall of Fame’s facility, endowing a position to help us attract and retain skilled staff members, or creating an endowment fund to support a particular program or collection.


The Hall of Fame offers a corporate sponsorship program with opportunities to support the Hall of Fame through restricted or unrestricted philanthropic grants and in-kind gifts.

In-kind gifts accepted by the Hall of Fame provide much needed materials and resources and is always appreciated by our team.  Numerous needs are satisfied by in-kind donations, including office and other equipment needs, technology that enhances the visitor experience, volunteer staff for events, corporate giveaways, airline tickets, hotel stays, and more.

Organizations can also designate the Hall of Fame as the beneficiary of their corporate event.